Al Hussein Fund Awards in Agriculture and Food Security

In collaboration with the National Agricultural Research Center, AL Hussein Fund for Excellence announces the launch of Al Hussein Fund Awards in Agriculture and Food Security.


The objectives of the awards are:

Encouraging innovative ideas and projects in the field of agriculture and food security.

Embracing innovative ideas and developing them into practical projects and startups in the field of agriculture and food security.

Connect projects and startups with business accelerators.


Award Categories:

  1. Animal Production
  2. Water and Environment
  3. Plant Production



Each award category consists of a cash prize and financial and technical support for project development in the innovation and entrepreneurship incubator affiliated with the National Agricultural Research Center, with a total value:


First Prize: (7000) Jordanian Dinars

Second Prize: (5000) Jordanian Dinars

Third Prize: (3000) Jordanian Dinars

**The awards are subject to conditions and decisions of the Award Management Committee.


Conditions for Applying for the Awards:

The application is open to individuals or groups under the following conditions:

The project presenter must be of Jordanian nationality or work in a Jordanian institution.

The project should address a practical solution to a locally significant problem in the field it is presented in.

The project should be submitted in either Arabic or English.

The project should not have won another award.

The project should be submitted through the award application form available at the link below.

The deadline for project submissions is:

May 31, 2024.


General Conditions:

The Awards Managment Committee has the right to withhold the award from any field or category.

Objections and inquiries about the decisions of the Awards Steering Committee are not accepted.

While preserving the intellectual property of applicants and their projects, submitted project documents will not be returned to their owners.

Note: The judging committees will consider several criteria when evaluating projects, including the use of modern technologies (IoT, artificial intelligence, etc.), creativity and innovation, feasibility of application and implementation, economic viability, sustainability, and environmental protection enhancement.